Int'l Speed Skating Championships ZDF Sports 5 days DVCPro Wide shoot in Nagano, race isos, interviews
[Ikegami HLV-75W]
Nutrilite (Osaka, 5 days) International Track & Field event B-roll DVCam shoot of sponsored athletes
World Figure Skating Championships ARD & MDR 6 days in Tokyo, editing & feeds
Nordic Ski Championships ZDF Sports 10 days DigiBeta shoot in Sapporo, background stories, athletes interviews
Int'l Rowing Regatta ZDF Sports 4 days DVCPro shoot in Gifu
FIBA World Championships EPL 3 days Betacam shoot in Saitama & feed
Bayen Munchen in Tokyo ZDF 3 days DVCPro shoot & feed, interviews & b-roll
CART Race Players / Innovative Media 3 days shoot, Tokyo and Motegi racetrack.
Figure Skating Grand Prix Final CTV Sports 4 days shoot & coordination. Backstage, warm-ups, interviews, standup, b-roll, feeds.
"Inside Sports" TSN "Double-ender" live-to-camera interviews using phone patch
"Formula-1" ZDF 4 day shoot of Formula-1 b-roll and interviews at Suzuka racetrack.
"4 Continents Figure Skating Championships" CTV Sports 5-day shoot and 3 feeds,
"Asia Cup" Asia Sport Football (soccer) finals: interviews, isos.
"World Indoor Athletics
CBC-TV/Interscreen IAAF Track & Field,
background, commentary, interviews, isos.
Camera & co-ordination
"GT Race at Suzuka" Vox - TV/Interscreen Shoot, edit & feed
GT formula car race
"F-1 Race at Suzuka" RTL Germany 3 days shooting Formula-1 prep & race
Camera & co-ordination
"Japan/MLB All Star Baseball" TSN News Feature
Coordinate & camera