International Videoworks, Inc

Registered in 1990
President: Mihato Taura
Director: Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg
Producer / Director
Born 1945 - Montreal, Canada
Permanent Resident of Japan
McGill University (3 years)
Ecole des beaux arts de Montréal (3 years)
English - mother tongue
French - fluent, written & spoken
Japanese - speaks well
DP / lighting camera operator (ENG / EFP)
Producer of feature documentaries
Director of long and short reports for television, educational and corporate use
Editor (linear editing - directs non-linear operators)
Research & coordination
Author of numerous magazine articles and several 'how to video' books
Scriptwriting / copywriting
Legal deposition videographer
1969 ~ 1981 – Video art and community video activites in Canada. Produce events, exhibitions, conferences, artist exchanges, workshops, etc. Personal documentaries and museum installation work. Promote videotape exchange between non-profit organizations around the world. Founder of the Satellite Video Exchange Society in Vancouver. First Video Officer of the Canada Council.
1982 move to Japan full-time
Founder / Director of International Videoworks, Inc. (IVW), Tokyo.
Full video production / computer graphics / post-production
Work 2 years full-time as camera op / editor at TF1 (French television) Tokyo bureau.
Teach production 16 years at Nippon Electronics College.
Freelance television cameraman / DP

Photo by JAMSTEC
Munenori Ezaki
Computer Graphics

Degree in Economics, Teikyo Univ.

3 years programming
patent registration database

Joined IVW in 1992
Photoshop AfterEffects Lightwave3D and more

Part time teacher
  • Japan Electronics College
  • Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College
  • Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University

I have been hesitant to include testimonials, skeptical about some of those I see on other sites. Several people whose advice I trust said testimonials can only help, so here goes. These are all unsolicited:

- You have been amazing. Fantastic. Incredible. Stellar. FABulous. Thank you very much, man.

- This has been HUGE. Thanks again for all of your help. Absolutely outstanding footage. If you and your crew ever need references, please holler.

- Thanks again for all the hard work, it's been one of my biggest successes to date. You made all the right calls, and had some luck I guess, as well. We couldn't have been more pleased -- if you ever make it to this side of the Pacific, drop a line! Certainly if we need footage out that way again, we'll be calling.

- The comments from doctors who attended the meeting in Cairns were excellent. Our image quality and contents were the best of this year's live cases. Again, thank you so much for your great support.

- It was nice meeting you in Japan. Your team did a great job with the broadcast. Congratulations!

- Screened everything... awesome stuff, some great techniques that I will steal, great clips. It will make the pitch reel rock. Thanks again

- It was a great pleasure to work with you. Not just seeing the outcome but also the atmo and your professionalism. Thanks, and hope to be able to work together again!

- It was a great pleasure to work with you. You're absolutely fantastic, tough, nice, powerful, intelligent, friendly, professional and... you were not only a good camera-man and organiser, but also a friend. The client can be very happy about us ;-) Thanks for your hard work, thanks to you.

- Thanks once again for your dedicated pursuit of details. I wish all our remote Producers cared as much as you.

- I am very impressed with Michael Goldberg. His ability to converse in Japanese, while understanding the nuances of English as a second language in delivery served us well. Very professional.

- I appreciate the last minute hard work! Your translations helped more than I thought they would. By the way, the big show where our videos played was yesterday. We created a 6 minute Opening video, three 2 minute bumper videos and a Closing video. All were excellent. Very happy client. We combined your footage with interviews in Boston and in San Diego. We managed to very closely match all the looks. APPLAUSE!!!!!!