"Astroboy" L.E.G. Productions Coordination & 3-day HD shoot in Tokyo & Takarazuka of EPK for Astroboy animated feature in US. Camera, arrange interpreters, make-up artists, travel, etc.
"Century 21 / Sky Realty" CNN Japan Direct & DVCam shoot 1 day in Tokyo
15 sec. TVCM
"Tokyo Orientations" CNN Japan Direct & DVCam shoot 2 days
15 sec. TVCM
"Tokyo Motor Show" Mercedes Benz 2 days, live shoulder HD camera for press event
"Business Report" CNN, UK 1 day in Tokyo, bank president interview & b-roll HD shoot
"Alegria" Cirque du Soleil Presentation DVD for Press Conference in Italy.
Full production (8'10")
"Diversity" SONY International dealer convention presentation video
Full Production (8'37")
Speedo TVNR, London 1 day in Tokyo, interviews, b-roll & satellite feed immediately after product launch event
"Digital 8" SONY Worldwide launch for Press & dealers of new home-video format.
Full production (5'14")
"Putting it All Together" Chiyoda Engineering LNG plants promotional video
Director (w/ Image Science Inc.)
"Handycam Vision" SONY In-store promotion video for
LCD home-video camera
Full production (7'36")
"Kirara Basso Wide" SONY 16:9 TV promo video
Full production (14'42")
"Intelligent Broadcasting" Toshiba Multi-screen video for NAB Show
Full production (w/ NPC Inc.)
"Where Dreams Come True" SONY Presentation video (15'16")
Full production
"Grand Slam" Itochu Presentation to NAB
Full production (7')
"Toshiba Airport Systems" Toshiba Airport systems promo video
Full production (w/ Fireworks Inc.)
"Nihon no naka no France" Embassy of France Promo video (20')
Full production (Japanese)
"The Winning Advantage" Itochu Presentation video for NFL
"Visions" Tobu Department Store Presentation video (8')
Full Production (for JDW Associates)