"Doctors of Death"
Client: ZDF

"Doctors of Death"German title: "Mengeles Erben" (2010)
ARTE version - 43'(International version - 52')
Client: ZDF

Directed by Dirk Pohlmann for Ilona Grundmann Film Productions, this ZDF documentary looks at diabolical medical experiments and biological / chemical warfare research during and after WW-II. Michael Goldberg shot the Japan portion (about Unit 731) on HD.

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ARTE - "Doctors of Death"
"Les Cosplays"
Client: ARTE

"Les Cosplays" (2000) 8'42"
Client: ARTE

"Les Cosplays" - (in French) A production of program33 for ARTE. Camera - Michael Goldberg.

See: www.program33.com

ARTE - "Les Cosplays"
"Zwischen Himmel und Hölle"
Client: ARD

"Zwischen Himmel und Hölle" (2007) 44'00"
Client: ARD

Directed by Rudolph Schmitz for ARDʼs Hesse regional network (HR) and aired on ARTE, this 7 mins. 20 secs. portion of a feature background report on the Documenta XII Art Biennale, follows video artist Hito Stereyl in Tokyo shooting for her controversial installation piece on the theme of bondage performance. Camera – Michael Goldberg

See: www.hr-online.de/website/ (auf Deutsch / in German)

ARTE - "Zwischen Himmel und Hölle"