Takeda Pharmaceuticals / Millenium Big Communications 3 days HD shoot in Tokyo & Osaka, green screen interviews, make-up artists, b-roll.
Ciena / Nortel 15four Integrated Media 2 days HD - executive interviews on P2 1080i/24P, upload to ftp site
Mizuno Golf Clubs Loki Productions 1 day HD shoot in Osaka, interviews & b-roll.
"Bill Gates & Microsoft" Microsoft 1 day HD Shoot in Tokyo, interview
Lange & Sohne "Timezone" TV Skyline Luxury watch launch: 2 days in Tokyo & Takamatsu, 3 cameras & switcher, 2 SNG vans, 1-hour live satellite feed & production
Renault Le Public Système PAL HDV shoot / DP corporate interview in Tokyo, in Japanese, with French director.
Canada's Food & Agricultural Minister at "FOODEX" Government of Canada VNR - Follow minister at Foodex and official functions in Tokyo & Osaka
Camera, edit & co-ordination of daily satellite feed to Canada (4 days)
Intel CMD Agency 2 days DVCPro shoot in Tokyo
FuliFilm Computer Systems intvws, b-roll & IBM Data Center
Lexus UK Worldwide Group, UK 1 day HD shoot in Tokyo, architect Shigeru Ban interview, b-roll
Tetra Pak CTN Tokyo, 2 days HD shoot, exec interview & Tokyo b-roll
McKinsey & Co. Website Crews Control 3 days DVCam shooting, green screen, interpreter (part of a series we have been shooting for McKinsey)
[Ikegami HL-7W]
L'OREAL Futerra Communications 1 day DVCam shoot in Tokyo, interviews, b-roll
Stryker Manning Media 2 days HD shoot in Osaka, hip replacement surgery & interviews, b-roll
"The Direction & Strategy of TI" Texas Instruments Full production, New Years' Executives' presentation (annually for 8 years)
JP Morgan Chase Houston Productions 1 day shoot. Interviews and b-roll
Sunkist Pacific Houston Productions / Corporate Productions 2 days shoot of boat unloading fruit, wholesale market, supermarket, b-roll.
"Convention Highlights" PBEC / Congress Corp. 3 days shooting, editing overnight, for large-screen projection of 7 min. highlights video at closing banquet.
"Nissan INFINITI" Maritz / Crews Control 1 day shoot, black backdrop. Interview of VP responsible for auto design & planning.
Renault -Nissan Collaboration MCAV 2 day PAL shoot. Nissan plant & HQ.
Toyota and IBM Corporate Magic 3 day shoot at Toyota plant and IBM Nagoya.
Future of Mobile Phones Compaq Interview of exec for internal TV news.
Goldman Sachs Jack Morton / Crews Control 1 day shoot. Interviews and b-roll.
"SC2000" Pulse Station / RWCP 8 day shoot at supercomputing conference in Dallas. [HVR-Z1]
"Daiginjo Products" Sony America 2 day DigiBeta shoot. Engineers' interviews and b-roll of products.
SCore Users in Europe Pulse Station / RWCP 8 day shoot in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Cluster computer facilities using SCore software, developed in Japan.
Toyota Design Engineers PCI 1 day PAL (SD simulated 16:9) chroma key shoot. Interviews at Toyota plant, w/ teleprompter.
Bridgestone Tires Intel / Crews Control 2 day shoot at HQ and plant.
Konami Video games Intelliscape / Crews Control 1 day shoot at HQ, research center and plant
Market Research Compaq / The Insight Works Street interviews in Japanese with
English interpreter
"IDC Takeover" Gavin Anderson/Magic Bus Shoot Cable & Wireless execs' announcement that buyout of Japanese phone company was successful.
"Merril-Lynch" J Walter Thompson Interviews for user survey video.
"Breaking Through" Nippon Lever Staff motivation video
Full production (10'10")
"CI Manual" SONY Corporate identity video
Full production (E & J)
"Canadian Culinary Competition" Embassy of Canada Presentation video (E & J versions)
Shoot & edit (10'20")
"Sparkling Fantasia" ACCJ Annual Chamber of Commerce Ball Documentary (27'30")
Shoot & edit
"Beyond Expectations" Nissan Motors USA Record of dealers' groups on tour (33'12")
3 camera ops shoot & edit (w/ Fireworks Inc.)
"Old Parr Spirit of Art" United Distillers Scottish Ballet in Tokyo
for corporate video news (6'12")
Shoot & edit (w/ Intercom Inc.)