"Royaume des distributeurs automatiques" (1991) 1'52" in French
Client: TF1

One of 78 news stories shot and edited by Michael Goldberg during the 2 years he worked full-time in the bureau of French network TF1 in Tokyo. This report is about vending machines, of which there are more than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because in this country, where automation is routine, there are almost no machine troubles or vandalism.

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TF1 - "Royaume des distributeurs automatiques"
"Manif à Seoul"
Client: TF1

"Manif à Seoul" (1991) 1'58" (in French)
Client: TF1

This breaking news story was shot, edited, and fed by satellite from Seoul by Michael Goldberg, when South Korea was still a military dictatorship. Each year, on the anniversary of the 1980 riots in Kwangju – in which almost 200 students were shot to death by the troops – huge demonstrations were organized in favour of democracy. There were only 3 members of the press, including Goldberg in a gas mask, who were on the student side of the demarcation line, facing the riot squads. All other journalists and camera ops were on the police side. Today we'd call them "embedded."

Voir: lci.tf1.fr/monde/

TF1 - "Manif à Seoul"