"Earthquake Test"
Client: National Science Foundation

"Earthquake Test" (2009) 4'54" final edit
Client: NSF (National Science Foundation)

Powerful earthquake test on a 6 story wooden apartment – built to US researchers' standards by US construction firms – at E-Defense near Kobe, the largest quake simulator table in the world. After 2 days of advance shooting and ftp upload check, the shake test was recorded with 3 HDV cameras – one unattended near the building, one handheld next to the Project Director, another camera op on tripod opposite. All 3 cameras' footage, an interview, and b-roll had to be uploaded rush to the NSF's ftp site, for use in a live Internet program several hours after the test. A runner and data wrangler got the P2 cards onto the edit laptop in time for me to direct the edit. Shipped 2 HDDs (one for safety) with all the footage and edits to the NSF for editing afterward.

See: www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/

National Science Foundation - "Earthquake Test"