"A ZEN LIFE - D.T. Suzuki"
Client: Nederland2

"A ZEN LIFE - D.T. Suzuki" (2006/2009) Nederland 2
English DVD - 73'50" (international version 59'00")
Client: BOS (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation)

This award-winning feature, aired on Dutch public television –

Ned 2
, is about "the man who introduced Zen to the West." The documentary was researched, scripted, shot and edited by IVW founder Michael Goldberg. Fundraising was done under the auspices of the Japan Inter-Culture Foundation. Co-produced by John Wittmayer (and Babeth Van Loo, BOS version). Music by Morgan Fisher.

This clip illustrates our use of a jib, laboriously hauled up a mountain. To view clips which give a better idea of the content, see the “NEWS” section in the project Website below.

See: www.azenlife-film.org
DVD distributor: www.martygrossfilms.com

Nederland 2 - "A ZEN LIFE - D.T. Suzuki"